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Problem Set 1. Complete the table of values to find the following: Find the number of cups of sugar needed if for each pie Karrie makes, she has to use 3 cups of sugar. Pies Cups of Sugar Use a graph to represent the relationship. EUREKA MATH Lesson 14: s.60 From Ratio Tables, Equations, and Double Number Line Diagrams to Lesson 9 8-1 We can also choose to do this problem a different way, by making both numbers have 10- as the common order of magnitude: 3.4 x 10-27 + 2.7 x 10-26 — 3.4 x 10-27 + (2.7 x 10) x 10 X 10 —27 X 10 - (3.4 + 27) x 10-27 = 30.4 x 10-27 = 3.04 x 10-26 Exercises 7—9 (10 minutes) Have students complete Exercises 7—9 independently.

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