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查询 api 主要用于获取各种数据分析报告。 1. 调用方法. 请参见 api 文档 中的调用方法描述。. 2. 通用参数 2.1. 属性表达式. 几乎所有的 api 都会用到属性表达式,例如按照某个属性进行过滤、分组或者聚合等等。 up vote 1 down vote I have been working on an opensource solution for these kind of problems. Limitd is a "server" for limits. The limits are implemented using the Token Bucket Algorithm. Basically you define limits in the service configuration like this: buckets: "request to service a": per_minute: 10 "request to service b": per_minute: 5

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