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Angles and Lines Topics: 1. Parallel and perpendicular line segments. 2. Perpendicular bisectors. 3. Angle bisectors. 4. Angle relationships. 5. Pairs of lines and angles. 6. Parallel lines and transversals. 7. Parallel line proofs. 8. Perpendicular line proofs. Back to Course Index proving lines are parallel. When two lines are cut by a , the angle pairs formed are either or . When a pair of lines form angles that do not meet this condition, the lines be parallel. Identify Parallel Lines pp. 205–207 Prove Lines Parallel p. 208 1 3 5 7 2 4 6 8 ∠1 ∠ 8 ∠2 ∠ 4 ∠6 ∠ 7 ∠2 ∠ 7 Helping You Remember

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